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June 10, 2009

bobpiano1Born and raised in Hoboken, NJ, Bob recalls playing baseball on the corners of 10th and Garden while rockin’ to bands like KISS and Led Zepplin and dancin’ to the funky beats of KC & the Sunshine Band and the Bee Gees. Then, in 1980, his family moved to the nearby surban town of Clifton, NJ, where his new friends turned him onto hard rock bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Van Halen as well as more progessive bands like Yes and Rush.

It wasn’t long before his new hippie-style high school friends in Clifton started taking him to CSN and Grateful Dead concerts, at which time Bob’s taste in music drastically changed. He also became a huge jazz fan and began frequenting NYC jazz clubs such as the Village Vanguard and Sweet Basil with the likes of old buddy, Chris Cardillo.

Upon entering high school, Bob almost immediately joined his first rock band with friends Chris Cardillo and Jim Farley. The band became known as “Open Doors”, and Bob’s younger brother, Chris Mazzo, joined as the drummer. They played everything from Van Halen to the Grateful Dead. In his last year of high he hooked up with Dominic Doyle, Neil Huber and Jimmy Russo to form an original and cover band called “Daybreak”.

Bob went onto college at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ, where he completed a degree in computer science. Bob spent a lot of his spare time taking jazz piano lessons while waiting tables on the weekends.

During this time (the year was 1988), Bob lost his dad to a massive heart-attack. During this tragedy, with God’s peace upon him, Bob continued to seek the Lord in his life until he found a spirit-filled church in Newark, NJ. Bob surrendered to God at this church and proclaimed Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life.
After serving eight years during the nineties as piano player/singer, Bob took up songwriting again and began to pursue a serious part-time career in music. After finally recording his 2000 debut CD entitled “My life is in Your hands”, Bob put together his own band and started playing his music live at local churches coffee and houses.

After several years of praying and searching for the right musicians, God answered Bob’s prayers. As a result, Bob collaberated with a new team of musicians and godly men. Then in January, 2003, the band became officially known as “Smashing Idols” (official website Smashing Idols). Their new sound got a modern, hard rock edge, with lyrics that left no doubt as to who they were singing about. It was all about showing Jesus to others through our music.

Smashing Idols went on to perform in various venues between 2003 and 2006. In 2005 they hooked up with an additional lead guitarist by the name of Sammy Verano. They continued playing together in 2006 until the final Idols performance in March at the Xpression Cafe, hosted by the Living Word Community Church in Dumont, NJ. Since then Bob, John, Rich, Paul and Sammy departed ways in order to honor their own family, church and fulltime job commitments. To this day you’ll find each one of them involved in music ministry at their own local churches spread out over northern New Jersey.

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