Welcome to bobmazzo.com

July 1, 2009

Welcome to Bob.Mazzo.com !

I’m a pianist and singer from New Jersey, covering different musical genres. I play the jazz standards and swing tunes, pop, rock, blues, light classical, and contemporary Christian worship music. I also cover some of the classic Brazilian repertoire (Jobim, etc.), as well as many classic Italian songs (Bocelli, Pavarotti, Ranieri, Carasone, etc.) . You can reach me on the contact page if you are looking for a solo pianist with some vocals, a one-man or two-man band situation with keyboards and electric guitar, or perhaps even a classy jazz trio or quartet. And the music can be customized according to your needs.

Aside from playing various weekend gigs, I can be usually be found playing piano at my church in North Jersey.

As you visit my site, check out local jazz gigs, contact me for booking info, or check out fun pics of gigs, family and friends…

If you would like to get in touch about piano entertainment or a nice classy jazz ensemble, please see my contact page here. or just send me a direct email at robertmazzo@yahoo.com

Peace and God bless,
Bob Mazzo

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